Donate to St. Jerome Catholic School

The St. Jerome Parish and School Communities are in need of financial support to sustain the excellent education being offered for our beautifully diverse community of students and families. Please donate to this school and help build our church, give children a strong academic and moral foundation and ensure Catholic education on the east side of St. Paul for years to come. Thank you.

St. Jerome School has been providing an excellent education to children for many years. We are committed to helping families afford to send their children to our school. Money raised through your donations and school fundraisers is used:

• To provide tuition assistance to those with qualifying financial need.

• To provide learning resources to help us best meet the needs of our students.

• To keep our tuition as affordable as possible for families who deeply desire this Catholic education.

Help us educate, guide, and prepare our students to thrive and live out our Catholic values with a tax-deductible gift. By donating, you will aid us in fulfilling our mission to nurture each child to become more Christ-like through the holy sacraments and to teach them to respect themselves and others.

With your support, St. Jerome School can help young minds learn, grow, and love God.

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