This Month in 3rd Grade

3rd grade is an exciting place! Students are learning many new concepts and having a lot of fun!


This month in math we are learning about numeration and adding whole numbers.


We are learning about Justinian the Great and Charles Martel. We are reading through King Arthur and His knights of the Round Table by Roger Lancelyn Green. We are also memorizing a timeline song to go along with all of the historical events and important people we are learning about.


We are learning basic vocabulary, the alphabet and vowel sounds. Ask your child how to say hello in latin.

Language Arts

Grammar: We are learning about compound and complex sentences.

Vocabulary: Definitions, synonyms and antonyms.

Spelling: Silent letters, homophones, and spelling patterns for e, ea, ee.


We are learning about animal life cycles. We have begun our animal research projects. Students have chosen an animal and will work in school to research and learn about their animal. Projects will be completed and presentations will happen in November.

Be sure to check our calendar for upcoming events!

Sarah Moberg