ELA 6 Grades for the dates of 2/1 - 2/8


Grades for the next two weeks

1/31- 2/8

  1. Friday, February 1

  • Assign new vocabulary lesson (A = 5b, B= 7 part one, Orange=8)

  • Due Monday

B.  Monday, February 4

  • Go over vocabulary, then take online quiz on Quizlet. Students will log into quizlet into their correct vocab list.  Then, they will take and re-take the vocabulary lessons until they earn 100% marks. We will do it this way since there was so little time to study the words this week. The levels are the same lists as assigned on Thursday

  • Read account of Spartan soldier’s daily life, Greek person’s daily life (10 point participation grade)

  • Discuss what “historical fiction” is

  • Next project: starting Monday, write a historically accurate fiction of an Ancient Greek.

No homework

C. Tuesday, February 5

  • In-class pre-write activity (10 point participation grade)

  • Assign new vocabulary lesson (A= 6a, B = 7 part 2, Orange = 9)

  • Vocab is Due Thursday, February 7

  • Rough Draft of Ancient Greek Historical Fiction due Wednesday

E. Wednesday, February 6

  • In-class peer editing process (10 point participation grade)

F. Thursday, February 7

  • In-class writing “emergency room” activity. Teacher will read rough drafts, decide what the students need to improve upon the most and lead a lesson for it.

  • Return rough drafts, begin typing final drafts

  • Study for vocabulary quiz (A = 6a, B=7 part 2, Orange =9 )

G. Friday, February 8

  • Vocabulary quiz (20 points)

  • Class time to work on final drafts

  • Final drafts due Tuesday,  February 12. We will work on them again in-class on Monday,

Aaron Skrenes