Ruhnke Review 1/21/19

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We Are Learning About:

Reading: We are working on the Ee book with our Superkids friend Ettabetta!

Math: We are doing Topic 9: Measurement.This topic has many vocabulary words your child will need to know. Please practice using these terms with your child at home: large, larger, largest, small, smaller, smallest, medium, big, bigger, biggest, size, as long as (same length as), as short as, as tall as, longer than, shorter than, taller than, longest, shortest, tallest, measure, estimate, check, holds more, holds less, empty, full, most, least, about the same, heavy, heavier than, lighter than, balance, weigh, weighs more, weighs less. We will learn several of these words each day.

Religion: We will continue to learn about Prayer.

Humanities: This week we will learn about the Code of Hammurabi.

Science: We will continue to learn & test Magnets.

Star of the Week for January 28th


A couple of times a month we will have a Star of the Week student in our classroom. This entitles the student to be the line-leader, to lead the morning calendar routine, to share/tell all about him/herself by filling in a poster. This will come home about a week or so before they are the star. A letter will also be included with the poster explaining all the special things the student will have an opportunity to do.

Weekly News

Do you want your child to be a great reader?

How do you become better at baseball, soccer, volleyball, basketball, football, or any sport? PRACTICE That’s right! Practice!

Research shows that children that read every day, become better readers and better students overall.

So, if you want your child to become a good reader they will need to PRACTICE!! Your child should be reading 15-20 minutes every day.

Reading Logs:

December Reading Logs were due the day the students returned from break on Jan. 7th. If you have not returned your child’s, please do so now. Thank you!

Sight Words:

Practice these words every day, both reading them and spelling them:

a, and, of, the, to, in, is, you, as, at, I, it, be, on, we, he, for, she, if, do, was, his, can, are, an, by, go, see, all, no, or, so, am, but, did, up, get, me, my, not, has, had, how, now, got, her, off, out, one, put, saw, two

Scholastic Book Orders:

There are some great books in this month’s Scholastic book flyers. Some that I would recommend would be the packs that have the leveled books A-D. You can find these packs in the Scholastic flyer that has “Kindergarten” written on the top front page. The January book flyers were sent home last week.  Orders are due by Jan. 28th. If you would like to place an order; the easiest way to do so is online. Use code RGVYW. If you would rather fill in your order using the flyer, please send it back to school with your child, and with a check or cash for the total. THANK YOU!!

Catholic Schools Week:

Tues. 1/22: Service Day:K,!,2 will walk to Rosoto Senior Living to play Bingo with the residents from 1-2pm. Wear your gym uniform.

Wed. 1/23: Day of Faith & Family: Free Dress-”Dress Your Best.” Must be appropriate for Mass. Mass at 9:45. Then at 12:00/Noon until 12:45 we will have a family picnic ( bring a picnic lunch for your family and a blanket). In the afternoon, the students will be helping to put together fleece blankets

Thurs. 1/24: Day of Gratitude: wear something from our time period: Kindergarten students should wear something from the early Egyptian times! Here is a suggestion: wear pants and a shirt, then over that wear a white sheet wrapped around and tied on the shoulder, so it looks like a toga! Also, teachers will share stories of something significant that was part of their faith journey.

Fri. 1/25: Day of Sport: Wear St. Jerome School spirit wear or your gym uniform. Teachers will play volleyball vs 8th & 7th grades. In the afternoon we will go rollerskating at Saints North from 12:00-3pm!! ALL KINDERGARTENERS NEED TO WEAR A HELMET!! (A bike helmet will work.) Please send the helmet into school on Tuesday. I will also need you to let me know your child’s shoe size so that we can get the right size roller-skates. Please send me an email or a note indicating your child’s shoe size. THANKS!

Parents, Thank you, in advance, for your participation in our Catholic School’s Week celebration. It was/is a success because of you!! Your child/children are here because you believe in a Catholic education, and you feel St. Jerome school is the best place for them to receive that. Please let others know how much you love St. Jerome School. Send them our way to check us out and visit us so that they may consider St. Jerome school for their children!! THANK YOU!! Remember, if you bring a new family to the Open House, January 29 from 5-7pm, you will receive a free gym shirt. If you bring a new family and they register for next year, you will receive $300 off your tuition bill.

Daily Specialists:




Music/Art/& Phy Ed


9:45 Mass



Computer Lab/Library/Phy Ed

Book Return & Checkout

Share Day



Upcoming Events:


1/22-25/19 Catholic Schools Week

1/22 Field Trip to Rosoto Senior Living Home to play Bingo with residents. Send your child’s helmet in to school today, please!

1/24 Report Cards come home

1/25 Field Trip to Saints North Rollerskating rink from noon-3pm. ALL KINDERGARTENERS MUST BRING A HELMET to wear!! (A bike helmet will work). I will also need to know your child’s shoe size so we know what size roller-skates to get your child. Please send me an email or note with your child’s size. THANK YOU!

1/27 School Mass at 8:30 & 10:30am. Pancake breakfast after each mass.. Please, all families come!! We also need help setting up before each mass, during the breakfast, and after to clean up. Any volunteers?

1/28 Scholastic Book orders are due. There are some wonderful leveled book packs A-D in these flyers!!

1/29 All School Open House 5-7pm. Invite your friends & family!! If you bring a new family to the open house, your child will receive a free gym shirt! If the new family registers for school for next year, your family will receive $300 off your tuition bill.

Annette Ruhnke