Ruhnke Review 2/11/19

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We Are Learning About:

Reading: We finished the Hh book with our SuperKids friend Hot Rod! We will begin our next book: the Uu book with all our SuperKids friends: Us!!

Math: We have begun Topic 10: Addition. This can very tough for many. Please practice at home. I gave all of you addition flash cards in the bag with the sight words in September. Please take them out, have your child cut them, then practice by using items found in your home to help your child understand better. For example: 3 + 7 You can use pennies (3 in one group and 7 pennies in the second group). Or, you could use 3 forks and 7 spoons. Or, use toy cars and trucks, whatever your imagination can come up with. Tell your child they have two groups, and when you put them together (or add them), they equal_______.

Religion: We will learn about the Mass.

Humanities: The Code of Hammurabi is what we will continue to learn about this week.

Science: We will do some more learning about Magnets.

Writing: We are beginning our Writer’s Workshop!! This is very difficult for the Kindergarten students. We will be writing personal narratives for the rest of the year. I am asking you to help your child get started. Please sit down with your child and come up with a list of 30+ “problems” they have had in their lifetime. The problem doesn’t have to be any big thing. Some examples are: the child got ill/sick, lost a mitten/boot (anything they have lost), Fell off bike, got a skinned knee, pencil broke, got into a fight with brother or sister or friend, got lost in a store or anywhere, Mom or Dad were upset with child, didn’t get to go to____, Didn’t want to go to bed, didn’t like what was for dinner/lunch, didn’t want to clean their room or play area, was scared because____, one of their toys broke. Etc. Please send the list of problems into school by February 15th.

Star of the Week for February 11th


A couple of times a month we will have a Star of the Week student in our classroom. This entitles the student to be the line-leader, to lead the morning calendar routine, to share/tell all about him/herself by filling in a poster. This will come home about a week or so before they are the star. A letter will also be included with the poster explaining all the special things the student will have an opportunity to do.

Weekly News

Reading At Home

By this time of the school year, your child should be reading out loud to you. Not you reading to them (although you may continue to read to them, that’s great),  BUT, they NEED to be reading the 20 minutes daily out loud to you.

They should be reading at an A level or a B level. Please only use these leveled books with your child, or they will become frustrated at it being too difficult.

You will find leveled books in the Scholastic book flyers. They usually come in packs with levels A, B, C, and D in a pack. Usually there are around twelve books for $12.00 dollars, or twenty books for $20.00, which is a wonderful deal. In the February flyers, most of the flyers have one or two of these leveled book packs. (Orders are due Monday, February 25th.) Otherwise, you can go to your local public library and talk to the librarian and ask him/her for level A & B books.

When your child is reading at the correct level, they should be able to read most of the words easily since many will be the sight words that they have been working on. The words they don’t know, they should stretch it out. What I mean by this is, take the word “cat.” Your child should say the sound of each letter c-a-t (sound it out. Although we do not say that, we say “stretch it out.”) Then after they stretch it out 3 or 4 times, tell them to blend it together until they can say the word. They know how to do this. We have been doing this in class now for quite some time. Please don’t automatically tell your child the word. They NEED to be able to figure it out on their own. Let them use the techniques they have been taught in school first.

The more they do this, the better & faster they will get.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me.

Reading Logs:

If you have not done so yet, please send in your child’s January Reading Log.

Sight Words:

Practice these words every day, both reading them and spelling them:

a, and, of, the, to, in, is, you, as, at, I, it, be, on, we, he, for, she, if, do, was, his, can, are, an, by, go, see, all, no, or, so, am, but, did, up, get, me, my, not, has, had, how, now, got, her, off, out, one, put, saw, two, who, why, yes, us, one, our, said, book

Open House-Winter Blast! Feb. 19th 5-7pm

Please let others know how much you love St. Jerome School. Send them our way to check us out and visit us so that they may consider St. Jerome school for their children!! THANK YOU!! Remember, if you bring a new family to the Open House, February 19 from 5-7pm, you will receive a free gym shirt. If you bring a new family and they register for next year, you will receive $300 off your tuition bill.

100th Day:

Once again, we need to change the date of our 100th day since we had another “Snow Day” off due to the COLD! Our 100th day of Kindergarten will now be on February 22nd. We will celebrate this by doing many things with the number 100! ***Please have your child bring in 100 things (items) such as marbles, cotton balls, candy pieces, etc.) to show the class!!***

Valentine’s Day:

We will be celebrating Valentine’s Day, February 14th, here in Kindergarten!

Please take some time with your child to make a Valentine box. Use a shoebox, or one that size, and help your child decorate it any way that they like! Please bring it to school on either Feb. 12th or 13th, not any earlier. Be creative. Use construction paper, tissue paper, buttons, stickers, noodles, cheerios, clothe, ribbons, etc. Make sure his or her name is on the box, and it is big enough for everyone to read it. Also, make sure there is a large enough slit on the top of the box for the cards to fit in. Have Fun!!

If your child plans to bring in valentines for their friends, they must bring one in for each student in our classroom. We don’t want to leave anyone out or have hurt feelings. I will attach a list of all the students in our kindergarten class. (Please see below for all student’s names.)

Also, if you would like to send in a treat for all the students, that would be wonderful! Please remember, we have allergies in our classroom. So, nothing with nuts or peanuts-it needs to be made in a factory without nuts/peanuts. No cucumbers, melons, squash, pineapple, or zucchini. Thank you.

Daily Specialists:




Music/Art/& Phy Ed


9:45 Mass



Computer Lab/Library/Phy Ed

Book Return & Checkout

Share Day



Upcoming Events:

2/12 Tally Tuesday (bring in $$ from the candy sale). Home & School meeting at 7pm.

2/14 Valentine’s Day Celebration!!

2/18 NO SCHOOL-President’s Day

2/19 Tally Tuesday! Bring in the $$ from the sales of your candy bars.

2/19 Winter Blast & Open House from 5-7pm. Pizza dinner, apple cider, hot chocolate & ice cream! Then check out the classrooms. They each have something special to do!! All are welcome!

2/22 100th Day!!

2/25 Scholastic Book Orders Due.

3/1 NO SCHOOL-Teacher Workshop


3/11 School Resumes

Valentine Name List:

  1. Andrew

  2. John

  3. Abel

  4. December

  5. Johnson

  6. Matilda

  7. Zephan

  8. Carson

  9. Janiyah

  10. Leonardo

  11. Graham

  12. Robyn

  13. Terri

  14. Lerpway

  15. AnNista

  16. Daniella

  17. Henry

Annette Ruhnke