Ruhnke Review 4/1/19

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We Are Learning About:

Reading: Our next adventure in “The SuperKids Club” we will finish the letters “Nn” & “Mm", then we will move on to the letters “Pp”, “Vv” & “Ww”.

Math: We are now beginning Topic 13: Money. Please work with your child. Give them several coins-pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters. Then ask them what each of them are called and how much each are worth. After that give them a small item such as a pencil, a book, a piece of fruit, etc., and make up a small price for each item (7 cents, 12 cents, 9 cents, etc.). Ask them to give you the correct coins that total the amount of one item at a time. This will help them to become familiar with using money.

Religion: We will continue to learn about Palm Sunday and Holy Week.

Humanities: Once again we will learn about Moses’ Birth, Plagues in Egypt, and The Exodus.

Science: We will continue the unit on “Being Healthy” discussing a Balanced Diet.

Writing: For our Writer’s Workshop we are working on a three-sentence personal narrative paper. 1. The first sentence should tell the characters and the setting. The characters are the people or the animals. The setting is where & when. 2.The second sentence should tell the problem. 3. The third sentence should tell the resolution/how to fix the problem. Parents, will you please help your child with remembering these? THANK YOU!!

Weekly News

Reading Logs:

The March Reading Logs are due this Monday, April 1st.

Sight Words:

The Sight words are MEMORY words, which means your child needs to memorize them, NOT stretch (or sound) them out. Many of the sight words do not follow the rules of phonetics, so don’t have your child stretch them out. Kindergarten will only learn the short vowel sounds. They will learn the long vowel sounds in first grade. They just need to memorize each word and it’s spelling. Use the flashcards I gave you last September.

a, and, of, the, to, in, is, you, as, at, I, it, be, on, we, he, for, she, if, do, was, his, can, are, an, by, go, see, all, no, or, so, am, but, did, up, get, me, my, not, has, had, how, now, got, her, off, out, one, put, saw, two, who, why, yes, us, one, our, said, book, him, like, way, will, have, look, love, your, that, this, them, then, from, here, they, very, when, were, many, make

Progress Reports:

Progress reports went home last week in the white, Thursday folder. If you have not done so, please sign on the bottom of it , then cut that bottom portion off and return that to me. Thank you.

CONFERENCES: Conferences are fast approaching! If you have not already do so, please send back your yellow sign-up sheet indicating which day & time you prefer. Thank you. I look forward to seeing each of you to discuss your wonderful children!! Also, I am sending you a survey to fill in about your child. Please return it to me by April 5th. THANK YOU!

City Connects: This is a wonderful program that St. Jerome is very blessed to have in our school. A letter and survey consent was sent home last week. Please sign and send that portion back to school right away. Thank you.

Junior Achievement:

Volunteer Help: Since I sent out the email yesterday asking if anyone would like to volunteer to do Junior Achievement in our class, we are blessed because I have already received a reply with a volunteer!! Ms. Amenya (Robyn’s Mom) has stepped up to do this. Thank you so much, Ms. Amenya!

Our school is fortunate to be able to offer Junior Achievement (JA) to our students at no cost. JA is a nonprofit that teaches K-12 students about entrepreneurship, money management, and prepares them to succeed in school and beyond. Students learn what it means to be a responsible worker, consumer and citizen through fun, hands-on activities delivered by a JA volunteer.

Daily Specialists:




Music/Art/& Phy Ed


9:45 Mass



Computer Lab/Library/Phy Ed

Book Return & Checkout

Share Day



Upcoming Events:

3/29 Stations of the Cross @2pm Middle School Play, “King Arthur” at 6:30pm.

3/30 Middle School Play, “King Arthur” at 6:30pm.

4/1 March Reading Logs are due today.

4/3 Karen family registration night @6pm

4/4 School Advisory @7pm

4/5 Spirit Wear Living Stations of the Cross (led by the 6th graders) @2pm in the church.

4/12 Fish-Fry from 5-7pm. Bring your families and friends and come and join us!!

4/15 Conferences 4-8pm REGISTRATION DUE TODAY to be in the drawing for a $500 tuition credit! TADS also due.

4/16 Conferences 4-8pm.

4/17 Seven Last Words of Christ (Led by the 7th & 8th graders) @2pm in the church.

4/19 NO SCHOOL-Good Friday. Seven Last Words of Christ (Led by the 7th & 8th graders) @12:00 noon in the church.

4/22 NO SCHOOL-Easter Monday.

4/27 Party with all of us at St. Jerome! All School Families are invited to attend. Purchase tickets in our school office or on our website: Advanced sale tickets are $30.00. At the door tickets will be $40.00. This years’ party is called “Party with a Purpose! Portraits of St. Jerome” Dinner & Silent Auction. Please come join us!! 5:30-9pm

Annette Ruhnke