Ruhnke Review 5/6/19

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We Are Learning About:

Reading: We will continue our adventure in “The SuperKids Club” is with the letters “Kk”, “Qq” & “Jj”.

Math: We have begun Topic 15: Calendar: Months & Seasons, Days of the Week, Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, Numbers on the Calendar, Temperature. We talk about and do our calendar every day here in Kindergarten, so your child is definitely familiar with these terms and how it works and all comes together, but it can never hurt for you to discuss these terms with your child…

Religion: We will continue learning about Miracles of Jesus.

Humanities: This week, again, we will learn about Amenhotep IV and Monotheism.

Science: We will continue to learn about Plants.

Writing: For our Writer’s Workshop we are working on a three-sentence personal narrative paper. 1. The first sentence should tell the characters and the setting. The characters are the people or the animals. The setting is where & when. 2.The second sentence should tell the problem. 3. The third sentence should tell the resolution/how to fix the problem. Parents, will you please help your child with remembering these? THANK YOU!!

Weekly News

Sight Words:

The Sight words are MEMORY words, which means your child needs to memorize them, NOT stretch (or sound) them out. Many of the sight words do not follow the rules of phonetics, so don’t have your child stretch them out. Kindergarten will only learn the short vowel sounds. They will learn the long vowel sounds in first grade. They just need to memorize each word and it’s spelling. Use the flashcards I gave you last September.

a, and, of, the, to, in, is, you, as, at, I, it, be, on, we, he, for, she, if, do, was, his, can, are, an, by, go, see, all, no, or, so, am, but, did, up, get, me, my, not, has, had, how, now, got, her, off, out, one, put, saw, two, who, why, yes, us, one, our, said, book, him, like, way, will, have, look, love, your, that, this, them, then, from, here, they, very, when, were, many, make, just, over, little, there, want, went, what, with, four, about, could, would, their, which, where, some, more, than, made, part

April’s Reading Log was due on May 1st.

If you haven’t sent your child’s April reading log in yet, please do so!!

ABC Countdown to Summer!!

I hope your child is enjoying the fun of our ABC countdown! Be sure to check the packet daily so that you know what the next day entails. Each day will have a different activity, or something for your child to bring to school (only if you have it. Please do NOT go out and buy anything, unless you want to). This is a fun way to end the school year!


Thank you, parents, for coming to our Kindergarten school mass this past Wednesday. The students did a fantastic job! Thank you to all you parents for working with your child on their reading so that they would be ready for their big debut at the mass!!

Junior Achievement: Volunteer Help: Mrs. Amenya (Robyn’s Mom) has stepped up to do JA. Mrs. Amenya will begin the Junior Achievement lessons in May and will continue for a total of 5 lessons. Thank you so much, Mrs. Amenya!

Junior Achievement teaches Kindergarten students about economic choices, knowing the difference between a need and a want, learning about money-earning and saving it, and the importance of giving to a worthy cause.

Field Trip on Monday, May 13th to Como Zoo!!

K-2 grades will be going to Como Zoo on Monday, May 13th. Please have your child bring a disposable, bag lunch or you may order a bag lunch for your child through the school lunch program-a lunch slip went home last Monday. If you have not done so yet, please fill it in to let us know if your child will be bringing a disposable, bag lunch from home, or if they will need a bag lunch from school. Send it back to school by MONDAY. The lunch lady needs to order the food. Thank you. Also, if you would like to chaperone, you are welcome to come with! Just let me know by sending me an email or a note. We will leave at 10:15am and return to school around 2:30. Students are to wear their gym uniform and appropriate outer gear for the weather.

Monday, May 20th-NO SCHOOL (just the current Kindergarten students).

There will be no school on May 20th for your current kindergarten student because I will be hosting Kindergarten Round-Up for next year’s kindergarten students. Thank you!

Grandparent, Parent, Special Friend Day is on May 15th!!

Grandparent/Parent/Special Friend Day will be held on Wednesday, May 15th. It will begin with mass in the church at 9:45am. From there, everyone will go to the school and head into the classrooms where there will be donuts and visitors may watch what is happening in the classroom! Then at 11:15 we will go into the gym for the Spring Music Concert. (Please note: there will NOT be an evening concert, so please come to the morning one). Each grade level will perform a song for you! Please come join us to see our school in action!! Also, the Book Fair will be going on from 9:15-1:00, so stop in the Library to check out some great books for purchase.

Scholastic Book Orders:

This will be the last time you will be able to order from these flyers since school will be done for the summer. So, consider purchasing for your child to read all summer long! Remember, the only way they will get better at something/anything is to practice! So, invest in your child’s reading by getting their level books. Look for the packs with levels A-D. There is a Bonus this month!  If you order $25.00 worth online, you get a FREE $5.00 book!! Orders are due by May 20th, so that you will receive the books before school is out for the summer. If you would like to place an order; the easiest way to do so is online. Use code RGVYW. If you would rather fill in your order using the flyer, please send it back to school with your child, and with a check or cash for the total. THANK YOU!!

Daily Specialists:




Music/Art/& Phy Ed


9:45 Mass



Computer Lab/Library/Phy Ed

Book Return & Checkout

Share Day



Upcoming Events:

5/5 First Holy Communion @10:30am mass. Congratulations 2nd graders!!

5/6-10 Teacher Appreciation Week.

5/6 NWEA Testing-Please make sure your child eats a good breakfast and is well rested!!

5/7 NWEA Testing-Please make sure your child eats breakfast and has a good night’s sleep!!

5/9 Last day to check out books from the school library.

5/12 Mother’s Day! Have a wonderful day, Moms!!

5/13 Field Trip to Como Zoo.

5/15 Grandparent/Parent/Special Friend Day. Mass at 9:45 then go to your child’s classroom. From there go to the gym to enjoy our Spring Concert! The BOOK FAIR is also happening from 9:15-1:00 in the Library.

5/20 Kindergarten Round-Up. NO SCHOOL (just for the current Kindergarten students).

5/27 Memorial Day-NO SCHOOL.

5/29 Last day of Library Class.

5/31 8th Grade Graduation at 7pm.

6/3 May Reading Logs are Due.

6/5 Last Day of School. Dismissal at 11:30am. Report Cards go home.

6/10-14 Garage Sale in the gym.

6/16 Father’s Day!

Annette Ruhnke