Ruhnke Review 6/3/19

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Dear Parents,

Can you believe this will be the last Ruhnke Review??

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful children with me for this Kindergarten school year. I am so impressed with them for all they have accomplished—academically, spiritually, physically, emotionally, & mentally. They have come a long way since that first day here!

I want to thank you, parents, also, for all your hard work with your children. I know what it is like to raise a child in today’s world. It is not easy! Please keep working with your child to make improvements and even more steps forward. Summer is the perfect time to do this!!

I am one of the luckiest & blessed teachers ever to have had your children in my classroom! I will miss them and the love we shared this past year. Please keep in touch and bring your child in to say, “Hi” anytime! I would LOVE to see them in the future.

Take care & God Bless, Ms. Ruhnke

Weekly News

Sight Words: Please keep practicing these sight words & add your own words to continue over the summer.

The Sight words are MEMORY words, which means your child needs to memorize them, NOT stretch (or sound) them out. Many of the sight words do not follow the rules of phonetics, so don’t have your child stretch them out. Kindergarten will only learn the short vowel sounds. They will learn the long vowel sounds in first grade. They just need to memorize each word and it’s spelling. Use the flashcards I gave you last September.

a, and, of, the, to, in, is, you, as, at, I, it, be, on, we, he, for, she, if, do, was, his, can, are, an, by, go, see, all, no, or, so, am, but, did, up, get, me, my, not, has, had, how, now, got, her, off, out, one, put, saw, two, who, why, yes, us, one, our, said, book, him, like, way, will, have, look, love, your, that, this, them, then, from, here, they, very, when, were, many, make, just, over, little, there, want, went, what, with, four, about, could, would, their, which, where, some, more, than, made, part, day, may, come, been, any, use, each, words, say, sit, into, these

One of the most important things you can do for your child this summer is to have them READ, read, read!!! After your child is done with a book, ask them questions about what he/she read. Their answer should not be a one word answer. They should give a lot of detail or information. For example: If I ask the question, How was the boy feeling? Your child should not say, “Happy.” or “Sad.” The answer should always be, “Sad because_______.” “Sad because I see him crying on this page. He is playing a game he doesn’t like. He is not with his friend(s) and that is what he likes to do the most.” The more information your child can give, the better. I tell the students, “Good readers always give lots of information to my questions.” And, “Good readers always go back in the book and look at the pictures and reread to find the answers.” I will send each of you your child’s current BAS (Reading Level) Level, so that you know what books are right for him/her. If your child is reading 20-30 minutes daily, he/she should go up 1-3 levels over the summer!!!

ABC Countdown to Summer!!

We have a change in our ABC Countdown. For June 4th, the packet says it is clean-up day & to bring a large paper bag to take things home in. We will actually be having clean-up day on Monday, June 3rd since Tuesday is Field Day and we won’t have the time to clean up our room on this day. So, on Monday, June 3rd, please send in one or two large paper bags (and they should still bring in their backpacks) for your child to bring things home in. Thank you!

Summer, School Work

Many of you have asked me what your child should be doing over the summer to be prepared for first grade. So, here are some suggestions:

Math: Practice adding and subtracting numbers through 20. If your child is really good at this, then use numbers through 50 or 100. Work on money: add pennies, nickels, & dimes. Measure: use a ruler to measure things found in your home…like a spoon, paper, chair leg, etc. Parents, check to make sure your child is using the ruler correctly. Make sure your child is putting the ruler down at the very end of the left side of the ruler. Weigh items: such as a cup ( then fill it with water and weigh it again. ow did the weight change? Weigh a rock, different kinds of balls, shoes, etc.

Reading: ALL your children should be reading 20-30 minutes DAILY!!!! Most of the levels they are at range from Pre-A, A, B, C, D, E, F, G. Practice the sight (memory) words and add more of your own. They should be able to read and spell them. If your child is reading the recommended time EVERY day, then your child should go up at least one to three, even four levels over the course of the summer!! A child going into 1st grade should be at a Level D. If your child is not there yet, please make sure he/she is reading every day!

Writing: Have your child write stories. Tell them they need to have the Characters & Setting (when & where) in the first one or two sentences. The next part should be the Problem. And the last part is the Resolution (how the problem got fixed).

Daily Specialists:




Music/Art/& Phy Ed


9:45 Mass



Computer Lab/Library/Phy Ed

Book Return & Checkout

Share Day



Upcoming Events:

6/3-5 Students may have FREE DRESS. Remember, Tuesday is Field Day so wear tennis shoes, & Wednesday we go to Mass, so wear appropriate clothes for church.

6/3 May Reading Logs are Due. This will be our cleaning day (not June 4th as in the ABC Countdown), so please send in one or two paper bags for your child to bring many of their things home. Have your child bring in their backpack, too! Thank you!

6/4 Field Day! Students should come to school wearing the color that was assigned to them. (It was in a flier sent out with Mrs. Gattman’s newsletter). They should also wear tennis shoes.

6/5 Last Day of School. At 9:45 We have our All School Mass & Farewell to Father Cletus. Then from 11-11:30 is our Summer Send-Off with songs, tributes, & Dilly Bars (Ice Cream)!. Dismissal is at 11:30am. Report Cards go home.

6/10-14 Garage Sale in the gym.

6/16 Father’s Day!

Annette Ruhnke