Information About St. Jerome School


Where are We?
St. Jerome School is located on a beautiful campus in the east metro of St. Paul. We have a wonderful playground, big grassy fields and a quaint and charming Catholic church. Our school is bright and cheerful, well maintained and very warm and welcoming. We serve students from 16 different zip codes!

Who are We?
We are a beautifully diverse school family…culturally, racially, and socio-economically. Our school community includes several children with special needs, and we work with the Roseville Public Schools to provide services when needed.  Our families are invested in our school and they all pitch in to make this a great place for children.


Your child will shine at St. Jerome School. As part of a community that values caring for each other, celebrating success, and reaching for excellence, you and your family will be welcomed with open arms and quickly become a part of St. Jerome. Each and every day your child will be challenged in their academic work, nurtured spiritually through prayer,  and supported in their efforts.

Our weekly all-school Masses are uplifting and inspirational as classes lead the celebration. The students present gospel reflections to make the message come alive and become applicable to their day and their lives.