Students are encouraged to participate in a variety of sports. Being a part of a team and working towards a common goal is incredibly rewarding for our students, and it helps them gain confidence and leadership skills. Check out the championship trophies in our display cases!


Offered Sports

  • Soccer

  • Volleyball

  • Basketball

  • Swimming

  • Softball

  • Baseball

  • Track


Student Activities

Every student has the opportunity to both try and be involved in a wide variety of school and faith-formation activities.


Middle School Play

Each spring, our middle school students present some well-known stories, and some not-so-well-known. You know the stories of The Wizard of Oz and Peter Pan, but did you know Cinderella had a twin brother named Bob? Our students bring these characters to life and are able to explore their passion for the stage and performance.

No matter what the story is, songs, dancing, and fun are the ingredients to each musical!

5th grade Christmas Choir

Children's Choir

To sing is to praise God! Students in grades 3 – 8 are invited to participate in special parish Masses throughout the year.

Our students love performing songs of God for the St. Jerome parish members!


Altar Servers

Students, beginning in grade 5, are invited to become altar servers. Our server program follows the training for Knights and Princesses of the Altar. There are altar server recognition programs twice a year and, of course, field trips!

Serving at the altar is a special privilege for our students to appreciate Mass and build a meaningful relationship with God.


Eagles Bluff Environmental Camp

Without a doubt, Eagle Bluff Environmental Camp is one of the most memorable experiences for St. Jerome students. Eagle Bluff is a three-day trip enjoyed by our 6th, 7th, and 8th graders each year.

Students participate in tree top challenge courses, orienteering with navigation devices, exploring pond life, learning about early Minnesota civilization, night hikes, bonfires, canoeing, and classes on responsible use and conservation of energy. This trip is a highlight of the school year!