The Blue Letter – March 29

Dear St. Jerome Families,
Today is Holy Thursday and the beginning of our church’s Triduum that includes Holy Thursday, Good Friday and the Easter Vigil.

Tonight after Mass, the altar will be stripped and the Blessed Sacrament will be moved to a side altar. When I was a child we followed a tradition of my parents’ families, and visited other churches on Holy Thursday evening. We’d stop in, say a brief prayer, and make a wish if it was a new church to us. There was a wonderful peacefulness and beauty in each church. Traditions of our Christian faith are very special and worth passing on to our children.

The Triduum Services are interesting and active, and often very engaging for children. I invite you to join our St. Jerome community this week for these sacred services. You and your families will be in my prayers during this Holy Week and Easter season.

Behavior/Discipline Plan Update: My sense is that the students appreciate structure around our expectations. As a Catholic school we have a responsibility to provide a learning environment that is calm, focused and free from distraction. I appreciate your thoughts. Thank you. We’ll work out the kinks and be ready to go smooth sailing in the fall.

Tuition Assistance notifications have been mailed home. Call Mrs. Gattman with any questions.