What's Happening

Language Arts—Second graders work on reading fluency, phonics, vocabulary, and parts of speech in a guided reading setting.

Math—Throughout the year the second graders work on mastery of addition and subtraction facts, as well as regrouping two and three digit numbers. We do this in a variety of ways including hands-on projects like creating our own zoo using our math skills such as money, geometry, and estimating.

Humanities—Second graders are Romans! We learn about the time period when Rome was THE empire in the world from the rise of the roman empire in around 753BC to it’s fall in 467AD. This includes exciting topics like Julius Caesar, Augustus Caesar, Jesus Christ, the persecution of the Christians and Constantine, the first Christian emperor.

Religion—Sacraments!! Reconciliation and First Communion are the talk of the town in second grade. We prepare for these sacraments by learning the 10 Commandments, the Beatitudes, and about the Real Presence of Christ at Mass.

Writing—We learn how to write complete sentences and then put that to good use by writing many different kind of stories and poems.

Science—We learn about states of matter, kinds of energy like electricity, life cycles and habitats.

Class Pet-Our class Brutus is loved by all!

Shelly Berthiaume